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About us

  • “KADUCĖJUS” UAB is a transportation company providing transportation services. The fleet of vehicles that we use consists of various types of trucks and semi-trailers:
    Transportation of heavy goods;
    Platforms for the transportation of oversized cargo.
    Using vehicle transporter trucks we transport both the individual and full loads from the European Union to Lithuania and from Lithuania to the countries of the European Union;
    Transportation of dangerous goods by transport satisfying the requirements of ADR;
    Carriage of goods by refrigerator trucks is a prompt transportation during which the temperature control required for given goods is ensured throughout the journey;
    Full load cargo transportation is carried out by curtainsider semi-trailers ;
    Small cargo transportation by vans .
    On customers demand we provide cargo storage at the Port of Klaipeda and the city, loading/unloading, qualified customs agent, and other logistics services through our partners JSC TUTUM CARGO .
    The company is a part of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association LINAVA, participates in international exhibitions.

Why us

UAB Kaducejus


Our own fleet makes it possible to transport goods without intermediaries, thus saving you time and money, quickly and efficiently performing the tasks; Our own vehicle service garage guarantees that the vehicles are in good technical condition and, whenever necessary, promptly responds to the problems occurring on the road; Satellite communication system equipped in vehicles allows us to get accurate information on vehicle movement and location, and ensures the security of cargo; Civil liability of the carrier is covered in accordance with CMR and TIR conventions by a trusted company and guarantees the safety of cargos.

UAB Kaducejus


The experience helps us to work professionally and to solve problems competently. We try to build our customers’ confidence on our experience and desire to fulfil their expectations. Our business quality should be an important reason while choosing us as transporters and businessmen.

UAB Kaducejus

Our objective

Create and develop a stable circle of customers and partners in order to achieve the best mutual cooperation and understanding, and to provide our Customers with professional transport services.

UAB Kaducejus

Business principles

Teamwork – we strive to create such a culture of collaboration within the company, that everyone would seek a common goal – the highest quality of service; Close, continuous and consistent feedback loop support with the company's customers and partners. Listening to customer needs, efficient solutions to problems, and elimination of shortcomings. Transparency – fulfilment of statutory obligations, openness and exchange of information. Social responsibility – assurance of good and safe working conditions and social welfare of all employees. Participation in community life, social project support and sponsorship.


If you are interested in working for our company, please send your curriculum vitae (CV) to:

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