Road train (18m.) (refrigerator)

Internal length — 6-7 + 6-8,5m.

Internal width — 2,40/2,42m.

Internal height — 2,30/2,90m.

Overall length — 18,00m.

Euro pallets — fits aprox. 34units

Road train with a trailer (22m.) (refrigerator)

Internal length — 6-7 + 10,5-12m.

Internal width — 2,42/2,52m.

Internal height — 2,50/2,80m.

Overall length — 22m.

Euro pallets — fits aprox. 44units

Trailer with thermo settings

Internal length — 13,36m.

Internal width — 2,49m.

Internal height — 2,60m.

Euro pallets — fits aprox. 33/66units

Tractor unit with a semi-trailer

Internal length — 13,35/13,62m.

Internal width — 2,43/2,48m.

Internal height — 2,57/2,70m.

Overall length — 15/16m.

Euro pallets — fits aprox. 33units

Box Semi-Trailers

Used for the transportation of fragile, vulnerable goods, which cannot tolerate sudden temperature fluctuations. These trailers may keep a constant temperature for a long time.

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